Upcoming Meetings

Monday, April 1, 2024

7:30 pm

Orinda Library, Garden Room

"Egypt and Diving the Red Sea"

Presentation by Mike Boom

In October of 2019, just after the Conception fire and before Covid appeared on the scene, my wife Lynn and I went on a dive trip that she led to Egypt that included numerous Alacostans. This presentation is a video of our travels there: mostly underwater video of the amazing reefs and animal life in the Red Sea, but also a bit of the topside adventures we all had in a land steeped in antiquity.

Join me for gin-clear water, majestic coral gardens, marauding turtles, curious white-tip oceanic sharks, gangs of tangs, horse-drawn carriages, lots of hieroglyphics, and a special demonstration by Rob Vermuelen of how to take advantage of underwater wreck features. All presented live on the screen in 1080p projection.