Van Damme State Park Camping Trip

September 7-12, 2022

Our annual camping trip to Van Damme State Park will take place on the weekend of September 7 - 12, 2022. Join the fun and enjoy the great outdoors with a great group of diving friends.

There's lots to do in this lush paradise, including camping, hiking, boating, kayaking, exploring natural wonders like the pygmy forest, and much more.

Camping—Van Damme State Park offers some of the best camping in the area with campsites along the Little River and others higher on a ridge in an area known as Highland Meadow.

Trails—Van Damme is known as a "day hiker's paradise." Trails range from the flat, 1/4 mile Pygmy Forest hike to the 9.15 loop Fern Canyon Lollapalooza with a 450' elevation gain, where you can can hike, jog, or bicycle the splendid trail system.

Boating and Kayaking—Go out on the water and see harbor seals, sea stars, algaes, and shorebirds in this incredibly rich and diverse habitat, or just hang out on the beach that's set in a scenic, protected cove.