Jade Cove Beach Dive & Big Sur Jade Festival

Jade Cove Beach Dive & Big Sur Jade Festival

October 8, 2022

by John Diola

The 2022 Jade Cove beach dive is in the books and it was a lot of fun!

Since we were a small group - Debi, me, Sandra and Anton, we stayed at Jane and Ken's Marina house on Friday night. At Jade Cove on Saturday morning, the first thing we faced was the challenge of a 200 ft. descent with the dive gear! Fortunately, we are a hardy group of advanced divers, and even though ocean conditions were not ideal, we enjoyed a pretty terrific, successful dive.

After the dive we went to the Jade Festival and had fun shopping for Jade and seeing all of the Jade sculptures and jewelry. The music was great too!

All in all it was a great activity and everybody had a fun time.