Past Meetings


Monday, November 7th, 7:00 pm

Presentation by Marc Shargel

Marc Shargel, renowned professional photographer who specializes in underwater photography, will discuss an initiative to lift new restrictions on boating and diving around Point Lobos.

After discovering that new, extremely prohibitive restrictions have been placed on boating and diving in the Point Lobos area, Marc asks the question: Can I Ever Dive at Point Lobos Again?

He writes, "I've drafted a document explaining why the new rules have to be rolled back. I'm going to deliver it to state-level office holders who may have some influence with the state parks manager who imposed the new rules. Politicians can be moved to action by voters, but it often takes a lot of us. Will you please sign my appeal? You can add your name to the document directly, or [send your reply to] with your name, profession (if you like) and where you live. I'll insert the names from all the replies I receive. Please, do this without delay, as I want to follow up a recent conversation with my State Senator before he forgets about it."

Since we won't have time at this meeting for a photographic presentation, Marc will join us again after the first of the year to present some of his amazing work.

This deep underwater arch lies south of Point Lobos. Boats like mine can only reach it from the Point Lobos ramp. I can't get there again as long as the new rules are in place.

I found these anemones near Yankee Point, ​south of Point Lobos after reaching them by boat, ​launched at Point Lobos in 2015. As long as the ​new rules remain, my boat cannot get to this spot again​​.