Fiji Dive Trip

Paradise Taveuni Resort

August 15 - 25, 2022

Our Fiji travel destination is the Paradise Taveuni Resort on the island of Taveuni.

It's a lovely place with lots of things to do for divers and non-divers alike. Fiji diving is legendary for the beautiful soft corals and abundant tropical marine life. And the package includes shore diving!

Lynn Morton, our favorite travel guru says, “Fiji is one of my favorite places in the world. The people so friendly, the diving is great fun and so beautiful, and you will feel like part of the family right away. I cry every time I have to leave. It's the good bye song they sing that gets me...


Taveuni, a popular scuba diving site in Fiji, is also known as ‘The Soft Coral Capital of the World’ and Paradise is in the heart of it. The resort offers daily dive trips to Rainbow Reef and local areas nearby.